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Created: 2002 05.04
Updated:2015 11.09
. Swiss National Exhibition - May to Oct'02
Neuchatel Database 'INTERNET rousselot.ch', View 'Events99', Document 'Expo02 - Neuchatel' / Biel-Bienne (see below) / Murten Database 'INTERNET rousselot.ch', View 'Events99', Document 'Expo02 - Murten' / Yverdon Database 'INTERNET rousselot.ch', View 'Events99', Document 'Expo02 - Yverdon'
The last Expo was held in 1964
There are four Expo02 sites - one of it is here in Bienne - JP's home town . The Expo site seen from Gilbert's place
Minutes before leaving the first time to the Expo at Odette's place in Biel and later at the Platform of the 'Arte Plage' sending a postcard video (430KB) The inteligent camera (photos are displayed every few seconds)
follows captured people (Odette&Margrit) even if they try to move away ....at the Entry of the 'Empire of Silence'
*You also may remember: cyberhelvetia.ch... play in a virtual world.. sWISH.... you enter into a dreamful world you are asked to think (and write down) your own wishes...Strangers in Paradise (Number one Expo Attraction with a queue waiting record of 3h (End of October))
Happy End... invites you to discover your 7th sense.. the sense of luck Geld und Wert... shows money and related tabues... A Robot even destoyes real (over used) 100 CHF bills...
Territoire imaginaire... Leben Lust und Lohn... Nouvelle DestiNation... Grenzen erleben...

Indoor impressions at IBM's ..' sWISH' Pavillion (photographs without flash by JR) with a hidden camera 10cm big people are walking around a labyrinth of timber
(you might have noticed the 45 degree glass you ar lookin thru in this dark room)

IRIS Catamaran Speedboat: with the IRIS speed boat (Sydney) from (lake) Bienne thru the 'Thielle' to (lake) Neuchatel within just over an hour ...
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