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Created: 2002 05.04
Updated:2015 11.09
. Swiss National Exhibition - May to Oct'02
Neuchatel (see below) / Biel-Bienne Database 'INTERNET rousselot.ch', View 'Events99', Document 'Expo02 - Biel-Bienne' / Murten Database 'INTERNET rousselot.ch', View 'Events99', Document 'Expo02 - Murten' / Yverdon Database 'INTERNET rousselot.ch', View 'Events99', Document 'Expo02 - Yverdon'
The last Expo was held in 1964
Do you remember: the Expo queues over 10 million people have visited the Expo02... what are peple doing while waiting... Palais de l'Equilibre
Aua Extrema... Magics of Energy...... You might remember: ... Ada... hears, sees and feels people and communicates with them.. Robotics... 10 robots walk arround and talk to you...
Biopolis... you are put into the year 2022 into a fictive city Beaufort12... you are facing true huricane wind speeds...
Do you remember: Manna
surrounded with blue sky even on a rainy day the smell of Vanilla when you enter.... the big table .... smell of fraisthe e ..... over 500 different apples...
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